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  • Maegan Aleece

There are enough robots being made, you don't need to be one.

Nearly 2 decades of my life I was a robot. A programmed robot conditioned and imprinted by society, my parents, and my environment.

I was so out of touch as to what I wanted, who I was, what my real true desires were. I was just going through the motions in life. Does this sound like you? My mission with Level Up is to help you un-layer from all the shit that isn't you. From what society deems you should be doing, what your parents or any other authoritative figure in your life declared for you.. to help you heal and grow so you can connect to your essence, heart desires, your being, when you are un-layered and in your natural true authentic state you can connect and tap into your unique and true potential! This is what the world needs. A force greater than you wants you here. When you show up in the world as YOU everyone and everything benefits. Your work improves, your mood improves, your relationships improve- because now you are living YOUR life.

Robots are made in factories, and if you let it happen to you society will make you into a robot too. Claim back you and your power by UN-LAYERING. How to un-layer:

Journal! Write.

-Make a list about the things that light up ,

--what interests you , really really interests you,

---what brings you joy, happiness, pleasure, peace

----what have you always wanted to learn, do, or attend?

Write and write till you can't write no more then look at the list and commit to doing ONE thing on that list everyday. (Maybe it's as simple as taking a bubble bath...sitting down for 5 minutes in silence...)

Choose to be YOU and not be a robot. Their cool and all but you're cooler.

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