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2021 Align Yo'Self Workshop


Let 2020 go and set EPIC goals for 2021

Align your mind, heart, AND energy to your goals.


What you get:

-2 hour guided video training  

-you get to KEEP the recorded version (so you can do it over and over again!) 

-3 Recordings to keep: 1 hypnosis, 2 meditations (alone VALUED at: $88)

-a booklet to fill out (active learning! Not just passive information) 

-a prerecorded yoga class to take after the course (if you are into that) focussing on mindset, mindfulness and your Manifestations.

I use the same principles I teach in the workshop in my own Manifesting practice and work for any area of your life.


For 2020 I set the goals of:

-Moving to an island

-My dream career, laptop lifestyle… making an income while making an impact, making my own schedule.

-10K months

Not only did I manifest all of these goals, but I have surpassed them and manifested even more than I could imagine.

More than just a goal setting workshop...

Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 2.26.28 PM.png
My new car and home I manifested at the exact prices I wanted to pay...

I taught this workshop last year and still get messages from attendees how their manifestations came true!

Most "goal" setting workshops teach you to make S.M.A.R.T goals...that is BORING and ordinary. In the world of manifesting, you get to make UNREALISTIC GOALS and live an EXTRAordinary life. 

Took the workshop last year? What's different this year:

-you get to keep the training :) so you can repeat it each year!

-more information

-new techniques

I never stop learning and have taken many courses this year to keep adding more value to the workshop.

Investment of $111.11!

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