Battling with Mental Health struggles keeps you from being the person/mother you want to be and feeling the ease and joy in each day. In 6 weeks free yourself from the battle.

I guide women to overcome anxiety through a 6 Week Therapy & Coaching experience so they can focus on what really matters.

“I really never got to be the mother I wanted to be.” 

What my mom said when I told her I really wanted to focus on helping moms overcome mental health struggles.


As a kid I saw my mom live in a constant state of anxiety, stress, and worry. I thought this was normal; this is how you respond to situations and live this way. It shaped my mindset to be just like her.


She never told me to respond this way. 


She showed me. And that’s how kids learn. You don’t communicate to a baby how to walk- they watch you. They learn from you.


And she was doing the best she could with what she knew.


So this is my mission: I don’t want any mom to have to say that statement my mom did to me. Or kids to miss out on their mom. Or to develop the same mental health struggles like I did. My mom missed out on so many precious moments, which I held against her for many years.

When a mother overcomes and breaks-free from this, not only does she benefit, but the kids benefit immensely, they get their mom back. 


Not only do I want to guide you to overcome chronic Anxiety but I will teach you easy (and fun) practices to add into your day to ensure this rapid permanent transformation. Mindset tools⚒ you have for life. And you can show these to your kids. You can pass on a mindset to your kids that you’re so proud of you almost can’t believe how changed you’ve changed.


Now does this mean you’ll never feel stress an be positive alllll the time? No. But you won’t live in negativity and stress. I’ll teach you how to bring yourself out of the anxiety. 

My mothers chronic anxiety, worry, and stress ruled my childhood & teenage years.

Fast forward to my mid twenties, after years of turmoil, pain, a tumultuous relationship, years of therapy together and separately, it wasn't until I healed from my childhood pain through RTT that we were able to blossom a beautiful mother-daughter relationship that I never had growing up.


  • Anxiety

  • Chronic Stress

  • Fears

  • Worry

  • Emotional Eating

  • Not feeling enough

  • Childhood pain



  • Memories you would miss out on

  • Better relationships 

    • with your kids, partner, friends​

  • Confidence in yourself!

  • Experience ease

  • Feel at peace

  • Improve sleep

  • Wake up HAPPY

  • Physical health! 

You're thinking, meh its not that bad. I will just "manage." Mental Health struggles fester, they bubble up into random anger bursts, freak outs, crying sessions. They get WORSE, something you thought was once manageable is now managing your life. Not only the mental & emotional pain you endure but what happens to your physical body.


Mental health battles do not go away on their own. You can’t suppress it or push it down and not expect it to come back up. I am help you end the battle for good. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) rips out the roots of anxiety and stress and reprograms the mind & thoughts, our coaching sessions further ingrains this new mindset and growth.

The mental health cycle ends with you.

Generational pain & trauma stops with you.

You heal and your whole family heals.

The greatest gift you can give you kids, is the best version of you.


The good news don't need years of therapy. 6 weeks to transform with RTT & Coaching sessions.

This program is for:

Women who have decided that enough is enough,

Enough suffering.


-this program is for you even if you’re not a mom!! Or don’t plan on it but want to heal and overcome mental health struggles

-Women who want to do delve into the inner work before becoming a mother

-Mothers who children are already adults themselves (it is NEVER too late- whoever said you can’t teach a dog new tricks never understood the power of the mind. You absolutely can- it’s called neuroplasticity.) 

This isn’t for you:

-if you aren’t committed to change, healing, or growth

-if you aren't committed to YOU, your future, your future self, your kids, 

-have 30 mins a day to dedicate to this life-changing process

Investing in you. In your future self. For you kids. Future generations. The ROI is huge.

It wasn't until I experienced RTT that I was able to heal from my past and mental health battles, that my mom and I were able to salvage our relationship. I know what it's like to be a product of a mother suffering from anxiety.  I wish she would have had this program when I was younger so she could have found freedom and enjoyed her life. I am so grateful for RTT and how it has benefited my life and my relationships, especially with my mom

Seeing unhealthy patterns in your family and deciding that those patterns end with you and will not be passed down to future generations, is an extremely brave and powerful decision.

How the the transformational process works.

-2 RTT sessions

--still don't know what RTT is? CLICK HERE and for testimonials click HERE,

-3 hypnosis recordings (20 mins long each to listen to everyday)

-4 coaching calls (30-45 mins)

-self work assignments each week specific to YOU

-weekly support, I am available via text, WhatsApp, email through the week/weekends for support in between our sessions

All of the sessions are online via the free platform Zoom. You just need an internet connection and to hear my voice.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT Rapid Transformational Therapy


It's like years of therapy in one session.


I'm shocked it actually worked! 


Proud mom moment when you can see your positive mindset being passed down to your daughter.


I would like to sincerely thank you for giving me the gift of peace, peace of mind to rid myself of past thoughts, beliefs, and way of being.

You've empowered me to live the life I've always wanted to live 

Watch this video explaining Rapid Transformational Therapy.

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Are there behaviours or habits you model after your parents? Have you taken on their same issues and limiting beliefs? You were programmed this way, and the great thing can reprogram anything. Time to update your mindset.

Work on you, for you, and for your kids.

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Stress less. Learn how to relax again. Decrease pain, headaches, psychosomatic, and other auto-immune symptoms in 21 days or less.

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