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Click play on the video to hear Emily speak about overcoming life-long Anxiety.

“Through RTT I realized that anxiety didn’t have to be a part of my life anymore and it truly released me from feeling that burden every day. I’m so glad I chose to try this therapy”

— Fiona M. 

My attempts to treat my anxiety using meditation and exercise were fleeting, two kids, a full time job and a small business made it difficult to carve out enough “me time” to have any lasting effect. 

In our time together, Maegan was able to pinpoint the source of my anxiety, pain and anger and completely change my way of thinking. 


I wake up every morning feeling refreshed, happy and excited for the day. I can play with my kids without stressing about things that are unimportant. I am becoming a better mom and wife. 

— Ashley H.

“ I highly recommend RTT sessions with Maegan as I have been able to live my life with control, confidence and anxiety free.”

— Jenna Moffat 

Video Testimonial 

"The most amazing therapy" As a therapist himself, Paco shares his experience with RTT on overcoming childhood struggles that were still affecting his present. As well as working through money / worthiness blocks.

Video Testimonial

"Overcoming self-doubt immediately, during the RTT session I felt like all the doubt and negatively left. I see myself so differently now".

Eliminate Anxiety 6 Week Program Client:

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“Before the six weeks I was so in my head, so anxious, suffering a lot from anxious thoughts, and constantly stressed and worried. I was just such a mess, I didn't believe in myself at all, it wasn't a good mindset to be in. And then during the 6 weeks, you see such a huge transformation with yourself. She gives you such  important amazing tools that I'd never have gotten in my undergraduate degree in psychology, or in talk therapy, and before her I was seeing a therapist for a year and a half, she gives you really important tools that will help you elevate your mind to the next level that no other specialist or therapist has ever given me, and it's just so incredible to see the transformation from then and now. Now I really have embraced the unknown and like seeing what the universe will give me, and I'm looking to grow my own business, do a lot of things that I never thought I would have been able to do because of the inner work that we have done together and working on limiting beliefs, and on my own through the tools that you gave me. My confidence is definitely much much higher.



And with COVID, a lot of things have shifted but with her guidance, it really has helped me, stay in a calmer sense of mind and doing schoolwork, I was so much less stressed, I used to stress myself out to the point of I would have chronic pain, forget to eat or do a lot of things. But it's just that anxious mind and those limiting beliefs that are stuck in there and Maegan provides the tools to be present and relax, and I could enjoy my school time and not freak out and a lot of my chronic pain has subsided because of the inner work and getting rid of the anxiety.


It was the best investment I've ever made in myself, and I recommend her to everyone. If anyone is thinking about doing this, you will you will love it and please work with Maegan, I can't recommend her enough.


The outcome that you want isn't going to get by doing the results that doing, you're not going to get the results that you want by doing all the things that you have been doing.


I always look back and I'm like, wow, this was the best. That was like legitimately the best investment I've ever made.” 

RTT Clients 1-3 Sessions


Jenna RTT_edited.jpg

Growing up, I mainly struggled with anxiety and had tried talk therapy numerous times but felt like it was not beneficial for myself personally. I was unfamiliar with RTT and what it had to offer but Maegan provided me with specific details in regards to what it was and what the process was going to be like. Maegan made it very clear that she would answer any questions I had and went above and beyond to make feel extremely comfortable with the process. After my session, I felt relief immediately and have continued to feel this as I listen daily to the personal tape recording that she provides after the session. Working with Maegan has been a very positive and uplifting experience, she is very trustworthy, understanding and makes you feel heard and cared for. Maegan’s passion for helping others really shows in her one on one sessions. I highly recommend RTT sessions with Maegen as I have been able to live my life with control, confidence and anxiety free. 

Jenna Moffat

I was struggling with some issues that I could just not let go of. Like a hamster running on a wheel playing the same thoughts over and over again; and no matter what they kept resurfacing. Not good enough thoughts, could have, and should haves kept on repeat. I want then to go away. During the session I felt very relaxed, always in control. I listened intently to her words and let myself go, able to trust her to lead the way. I answered questions, found old memories, and cried. Cried and let it all out. It was very thought provoking to understand where some deep seeded issues came from. I was able to forgive and finally let go, forgive myself, learn a lesson and am moving on. For the next 21 days I listened to my personal hypnosis recording. The constant flow of positive thoughts is truly wonderful. I feel much more at ease with myself and confident. The constant negative thought tracks are absolutely gone, when the odd one comes in I know how to immediately shut it down. I want to do another session to focus on other things in my life to improve upon. RTT has given me that last push that I was looking for. Thank you Maegan.

Darlene Austin

Darlene RTT.jpg

I’m so happy I took the leap of faith and did the RTT session!!!


Before RTT I was aware my brain was full of beliefs I knew were wrong but couldn’t shake.  Now I can’t even tell you what those voices in my head were telling me. Like all the misguided thoughts were plucked out of my subliminal … even though I am well aware of what was discussed during the session.


The inward change has created an outward shift.  It’s as though I skip all the internal dialogue and worry and get to the conclusion of what is best for me, others and the situation instantly. 


Thank you for this Maegan!!

Tracy Lennon

Tracy rtt.jpg

RTT has been a great experience for me. I wanted to try it to address my sugar addiction, and help reach my weight loss goals. I’ve never been hypnotized before but went into my RTT session with an open mind. I’m not a “suggestable” person but during my session I was able to access childhood memories I haven’t thought about for decades. These memories were critical to breaking my unhealthy attachment to food and “emotional eating”.  I remember the entire session and was in total control of myself while hypnotized. I’m listening to the recording made during my session every night as I fall asleep. RTT has been very effective to help me eat less sweets. I used to eat desserts after lunch and dinner everyday, as well as a sweet treat most afternoons. After RTT I’m not craving desserts everyday. It’s huge progress for me and I’ve already lost a bit of weight these past weeks which is more progress with weight loss than the last few months. I would do RTT again, whenever I’m struggling to overcome another personal challenge.  RTT is highly effective for those wanting help.

Michelle P.

MC headshot-CarNationCanada-18Nov2014_ed

YES I work with men too, they just aren't as willing to share their experience! Results are just as effective. Speak up men! You deserve to feel your best too.


My session with Maegan was incredible. I went in not really knowing why I needed it, but something inside me told me I did. Within the first 20 minutes we discovered my reason for being there. It made me feel free. It made me feel grounded. I haven’t felt like that in a long time.

As soon as I closed my eyes, they instantly began to tear up because I knew that Maegan was going to change me that afternoon. I couldn’t control the words coming out of my mouth but they were all of my thoughts and feelings; everything I had been holding onto for the last 20 years. When the session was over I felt like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt more confident, more ready to take on life’s challenges.

During the 21 days that I listened to my personal recording, I applied the insight from the session. I reached for the goals and achieved more than I thought I could.

I have tried other methods of therapy but nothing seemed to speak to me as intensely as RTT.

I would definitely recommended RTT to family and friends as I feel it can benefit everyone. Whether you realize it or not, we all have areas of ourselves to improve on and this would be a great way to start.

Colleen Walsh

Online Testimonial


Click PLAY to hear this video testimonial!

​Maegan is friendly, energetic and kind, making it easy to open up and relax with her as your therapist. She knows how to effectively use the RTT framework to get into your subconscious and uproot what's holding you back! I had a remarkable online session that lead me to new understanding, a powerful perspective shift and a transformative inner change moving forward with my physical fitness! There's a click in your subconscious mind that you just can't get by solely using your conscious mind! I love Rapid Transformational Therapy and Maegan can deliver results so I definitely recommend her and RTT if she feels like the right fit for you! :)

Eve Roswell

"I had a wonderful online RTT session with Maegan this past July.  She is very insightful, and not just with RTT.  In our discussion before beginning our session, Maegan easily identified a personality trait that I wasn’t even aware I had, and she was spot on!  This has helped explain some of my more challenging interpersonal behavior patterns.  That knowledge alone has been so helpful.  During our RTT session, Maegan continued with her insight and guidance to help me to discover and release the root cause of the issue that I was working on.  I would absolutely recommend Maegan to anyone interested in RTT.  She is a skilled and insightful Therapist.  Thank you Maegan!

Carol Lilley


Maegan was truly amazing in helping me move past barriers that had persisted since childhood. She made me feel so comfortable and made a safe space for healing during on online RTT session. She’s so passionate and genuine in her drive to help people and it really shows through in her sessions. Couldn’t recommend her enough!!


Julaine Leach


Maegan's energy and passion for what she does is outstanding. She's practiced every technique and tool she shares with her clients and cares deeply about her client's success and well-being. I had 2 online RTT sessions with Maegan and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! It was 100% worth the investment in myself.​

Kristen Valk

Madisons Testimonial.png

Testimonial from 6 Week Client for Overcoming Anxiety Program

Client Testimonials from One RTT Session

RTT has helped me to feel more confident about myself. RTT made me recognize where the thoughts and beliefs that were holding me down and making me feel stuck in my life were coming from and then in turn help me release them in one seesion! After 3 weeks it felt like a weight has been lifted off from me and I feel and see everything more clearly. Thank you for helping me out of this fog I haven’t felt so good in so long.

Daniela June 2019

RTT w Maegan really helped lessen my anxiety. I’ve lived with anxiety for so long that I almost started to depend on it like it was always there,, reliable and a crutch to lean on. Through RTT I realized that anxiety didn’t have to be a part of my life anymore and it truly released me from feeling that burden every day. I’m so glad I chose to try this therapy and Maegan did a fantastic job leading me through it!

Fiona June 2019

My online session with Maegan was extraordinary! She helped me understand old patterns that were running my life in a way that I could have never seen otherwise. After several weeks, that old pattern that gripped my life actually feels gone! Like I haven’t experienced it even once since the session and this is the truth. I highly recommend Maegan as she is both compassionate and intuitive. I will absolutely look forward to having more sessions with her! 💗

-Shezza July 2019

I went into my session with Maegan hopeful but a bit skeptical. 

I’d been suffering from anxiety for years, with many mental, physical and emotional manifestations including vasovagal response. The side effects of the medications prescribed to me were less than desirable and, as a result, I chose to discontinue their use. 

My attempts to treat my anxiety using meditation and exercise were fleeting, two kids, a full time job and a small business made it difficult to carve out enough “me time” to have any lasting effect. 

After seeing that Maegan was offering RTT, I jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of her expertise. I had taken enough of her classes to know that she was a sweet and gentle soul with the kind of positive energy that made you immediately comfortable in her presence. 

In a single treatment, Maegan was able to pinpoint the source of my anxiety, pain and anger and completely change my way of thinking. 

What once seemed like a huge weight holding me back now feels the driving force pushing me forward. My mood and over all demeanour are almost unrecognizable and I now have the motivation I lacked to complete even the most menial of tasks. 

I wake up every morning feeling refreshed, happy and excited for the day. I can play with my kids without stressing about things that are unimportant. I am becoming a better mom and wife. 

I am beyond grateful to Maegan and the gift she has given me!!

-Ashley H June 2019

For years, I have spent endless amounts of energy dwelling on the past which has done nothing but kept me “stuck” in the past. After learning about RTT from Maegan, I knew that this would serve as the perfect opportunity for me to face some of the feelings that I had been suppressing and pushing down deep inside of me.  

Meagan prepared me for my first session with the utmost of professionalism.  She demonstrates an incomparable sense of compassion and truly cares about helping others.  

I am happy to say that, although I am a work in progress, Maegan has helped me to free myself from some of the heavy burdens that have been weighing me down.  

Maegan’s expertise in RTT and the technique that she implements is helping me to shine bright like a diamond!

Maegan....thank you for helping me on my journey.  I am already looking forward to another session with you!

-Carol Reid July 2019

Prior to my RTT when relationships or situations didn’t work out, I always blamed myself. I would wonder “what did I say?”, what did I do? Or didn’t do? After one session with Maegan I now realize that situations in my childhood beyond my control made me feel like my presence wasn’t wanted, I wasn’t worthy or loved. Maegan helped me realize that I AM! I am worthy of being loved and worthy of being present. Most importantly I realized that it isn’t always about me and that others actions are a reflection of how they are feeling. I am learning to “let it go” through internal work and listening to my post session tape. I was terrified of the thought of “hypnosis” what if I say or do something that embarrasses me? Or I find out something happened to me? Maegan took the time to talk me through RTT, answer my questions, until I truly understood that I would be in control “awake” the entire time. It was an amazing experience...How situations from my childhood just came to me and Maegan helped to work through what happened and how it made me feel.  The effect of RTT was immediate for me, I got it, I understood why!! I was walking on a cloud the entire day. Since my session I am continuing to focus on the internal work. I feel more calm, at peace, I look at and respond to situations in a more positive way and most importantly I am relieved that I now can move forward with my life in a positive way...Thank you Maegan for helping me realize just how damn worthy I AM💕. I highly recommend RTT to anyone who isn’t feeling 100%, stuck or questioning their well-being...everyone deserves to feel amazing and understand their thought process or the whys?! Maegan is so supportive, knowledgeable and professional…

Kari-Lyn July 2019

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