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Ways to work with me...

All online!

1) One on one 6 week program to eliminate anxiety and start living the life you desire to lead. Become the peaceful manifestor you were born to be. Details click HERE

*Although I’m not shocked, the rapid results my clients experience, still blows my mind*

**this won’t be an option much longer as I am transitioning it into a group program, so if you’ve been thinking about it, and want personalized attention, I’d act now**

2) Personal Meditation/Hypnosis recordings made specifically for you to align your mind to what you desire. MINDSET work is integral each day!! How and what are you feeding your mind? Details below

3) 2 hr Rapid Transformational Therapy session. “Years of therapy in one session” is the best way a client has described it for me. Healing, inner work, and self development all in one session.

*a great option! Just not as deep dive as the 6 week transformational program is.* Details click HERE


Companies, Sports Teams & Schools

  • Book me for Mindset Seminars, Lunch & Learns, Wellness days
    If you want results, if you want success, if you want something you haven't experienced before you need to be working with your SUBCONSCIOUS mind and lucky for you- I am an expert on it. My Rapid Transformational Therapy was a in-depth training on how the subconscious works and how to align it to your goals. It is more than mind over matter, its how you communicate with your subconscious mind.

  • Team building

  • Wellness Days/Events

  • Sports camps 

  • Workshops

  • Mindful Fitness-Yoga


Topics to be addressed:

  • Power of the Mind

  • Leadership

  • Decrease stress, anxiety

  • Mindfulness throughout the day

  • Team moral (Company's and sports teams)

  • Belief in skill-> integral for athletes and leaders.

  • Any topic of interest! I can adapt :)

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Focus on:

Wealth Wiring, Manifestation, Increasing Confidence and Self Esteem, Increasing Motivation, Reducing Anxiety/Stress/Worry, Releasing Guilt, Concentration & Memory, Deep Sleep, Weight Control.

I make personal Hypnosis recordings for clients who want to try the magic of hypnosis(it's really science- bringing your mind into a slower brainwave state allowing to be open to suggestions). This recording is  highly effective on changing the way you think, feel, act. Your thoughts create your actions, your actions lead your experiences. Want a new experience? You must change your THOUGHTS. And this is exactly what a personal hypnosis recording will do for you! Does not get to the root issue of what you are facing with- a full RTT session is required for that.

The recording will be 10-20 mins long (you decide !) and you can even listen while sleeping ! Your subconscious mind is always taking in information!


Look at this time as YOU time, to close your eyes and rewire your mind to exactly what you want.

Most generic hypnosis recordings are $50-99! My offer to you for a PERSONAL one is $65.00 

Email and I will send you an intake form to fill out and record your own hypnosis to wire in the thoughts , feelings, and beliefs of your desired outcome.



I work with companies, employees, & leaders to increase mindfulness & decrease stress. Increasing productivity, ideas, company moral, and decrease health care costs and sick days.


Skill without BELIEF won't get an athlete very far. Both are integral for reaching maximum potential and peak performance. Instilling unwavering & unshakable belief via hypnosis & visualization.


Does your child suffer from mental health issues, behavioural problems, sleep issues, exam prep? A mindful coaching session and hypnosis will be tailored to your child's needs to align their minds for ultimate success and confidence in their endeavours.


Not ready for a full RTT session? A personal hypnosis recording is a great place to start for priming your mind to exactly what you want


"He was fast asleep by the time the recording was done! Wow.

This is incredible!!"


Nutrition/Exercise focus

" I didn't believe it would work but I have lost 10lbs. I just think differently around food." -G.D

Motivation for Career

"I’ve been doing my hypnosis recording u made for me and it is so cool!!!!! I have been having such motivating thoughts!!! It really is changing the way I think! Thank you" -Candice M

Sleep focus

"He was fast asleep by the time the recording was done! Wow.

This is incredible!!"- Mom of 6 yr old who had night terrors.

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