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This 4 week MANIFESTING 101 course is an 8 part video training series that will turn you from dream chaser into a DREAM CATCHER by making you a Manifestation magnet. 


You will not only learn manifestation techniques but also inner work exercises that will make you a powerful manifester!


AND a supportive community of other like minded individuals to vibe high with!

You need: a manifestation journal & pen (to make notes from the videos!) and about 2 hours each week (1 hour to watch the videos and 1 hour for you Manifestation homework!) and access to facebook.


Week 1 What is Manifestation / your role in the process

Week 2 What blocks your Manifestations 

Week 3 How to raise your vibration (KEY to be a powerful manifester)

Week 4 The best Manifestation techniques / How to let go & trust


BONUS: FREE Manifestation hypnosis recording to keep after the course!

Investment: $99!!! This will be the only time this program will be offered at this LOW price.  (and this program is yours to keep!)

What participants thought of the course:

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