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Combining RTT, hypnotherapy, energy work, and Law of Attraction principles in a 6 Week Program to overcome Anxiety AND manifest your dream life.


I created the Peaceful Manifestor Program jam packed with proven practical and spiritual techniques to eliminate Anxiety.

Maybe you’ve tried traditional therapy before and it didn’t move the needle much. Well good news, this isn’t traditional. Want an extraordinary life? You can’t do ordinary things, you must do extraordinary things and that’s what this program is jam packed with. We aren’t just minds, we are mind, body, AND energy therefore have to touch on all 3 realms for transformation

Madison-a mother of 2 and wife

Shares her story how she went from crippling anxiety for YEARS, to now off of medication, no panic attacks, confident, starting her own business, and free from anxiety. In the video she shares how her life , her kids, and her husbands life has all changed from doing the inner work of the 6 Week Eliminate Anxiety program I guided her through.

The 6 Week Online Program combines Rapid Transformational Therapy, hypnotherapy, energy work, mindset, self development exercises, and Law of Attraction principles in a to overcome Anxiety AND manifest your dream life.

I want 2021 to be your best year yet. The year that changed everything for you. Setting the tone and course for the rest of the decade.

What you get : training videos each week highlighting a new topic each week to uncover root causes of anxiety, reframe and heal what is fuelling the anxiety (the limiting beliefs, the past conditioning, old patterns and habits of worry, anxiousness as your default modes), daily routines you will wonder how you were living before without them! 

Week 1 -learn about the conscious and subconscious mind. How the subconscious mind plays a huge role in our mental health and manifesting abilities.

Includes a Relaxation recording to start the process of RELEARNING how to be at ease, calm, and relax- the opposite of anxiety. This is a natural skill and ability we are all born with, we just unlearn it.

Week 2- RTT session to get to the root causes of the Anxiety.

A new recording to listen to rewiring the mind to go from anxious, unruly and negative thoughts, what if’s to peace, calm, ease, present moment.

Week 3-Morning & Evening Routine. Inner Child Healing. Science shows that the very first 8 minutes are the most integral for a priming the mind and body for the day. I teach you the best of the best. And an easy to follow evening routine to prep you for the best sleeps.

Week 4- your personality creates your personal reality. How to transform you personality and manifest your physical reality exercise

Week 5-Second RTT session

Week6-How to remove limiting beliefs on your own, Hoponono, Forgiveness, Peacefully Manifesting, Emotional Vibrational Frequency

What your 6 Week journey will look like: 

Our natural state to be at peace, you weren’t born with these fears, doubts, worries, and anxieties. You just have to come back home to yourself. When you are operating from a state of Peace (opposite of Anxiety) you are vibrating at a high frequency, and we attract what we are. Everything will just seemingly work out for you, you’ll feel like you are just always at the right place at the right time.


This program is what I have been teaching and taking my 1:1 clients through and the results and transformations have been UNREAL. I am called to share this with more people. Get the same value but at a lower investment.

Time commitment - each week the video training will be about 30-60 minutes exceptt for the RTT sessions which run 90 mins.

You will have “get to do” work (this is a privilege to get to do inner work!) which will take about 30-60 mins each week. As well as Q&A videos from each week (email your questions in and a video of everyones questions will be recorded and uploaded!

What past 1:1 6 Week Clients have said about the program:

What past clients are saying about Rapid Transformational Therapy...



It's like years of therapy in one session.


I'm shocked it actually worked! 


Proud mom moment when you can see your positive mindset being passed down to your daughter.


I would like to sincerely thank you for giving me the gift of peace, peace of mind to rid myself of past thoughts, beliefs, and way of being.

You've empowered me to live the life I've always wanted to live 

Does your mind race constantly?

Are you missing out from actually enjoying and liviing in the moment? Does that sound so foreign and far fetched to you? (Trust me, it did for me too, I didnt even know what the present moment MEANT)

Have you tried meditating but you just can’t (sorry to break it to you but its because you’ve conditioned your mind to just be always on the go and it doesn’t know how to function any other way).

Do you feel panicked and overwhelmed all the time?

Do you have random physical pains- stomach issues, headaches, tight neck and shoulders…

Do you do you ruminate about the past, worry about the future, and never live in the present?

Do you feel like you are always in a rush and theres never enough time? 

Do you struggle with perfectionism?

Do you worry and care more about what others think than your own?

If you can relate to five or more of these…THIS IS ANXIETY and you are blocking yourself from Manifesting/creating a peaceful life. 

What past 1:1 6 Week Clients have said about the program:

Pink Clouds


Madison-a mother of 2 and wife

Shares her story how she went from crippling anxiety for YEARS, to now off of medication, no panic attacks, confident, starting her own business, and free from anxiety. In the video she shares how her life , her kids, and her husbands life has all changed from doing the inner work of the 6 Week Eliminate Anxiety program I guided her through.

Pink Clouds


I had dealt with depression and anxiety intensely for the past 6 years. Most of the time when I felt that I had conquered these low states of being, I had actually just been blocking these heavy emotions out through distractions. When I neglected to actually take care of myself, these issues took forms that had physical tolls on my body such as IBS, physical fatigue, and most recently, various eating disorders- resulting in me losing and gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. When I reached out to Maegan, I had spent the past 10 months completely isolating myself from my friends and family, not doing the activities I enjoyed, and felt trapped in the cycle of binge eating. I had stopped living life for me, and felt that I would be in this state of physical discomfort, stress, lack of fulfillment, lack of control, and sadness forever. 

Through Maegan’s guided hypnosis, we were able to tap into the roots of what was causing these behaviours by revisiting and transforming early memories from my childhood that I did not recognize I still had access to. The personalized recordings she gave me to listen to daily helped me tackle the beliefs that were holding me back in my life, and this positive shift in mentalities was fuelled through exercises she gave me to practice. 

Within the past 6 weeks, Maegan has helped me reframe the way I approach taking care of myself. For the first time ever, I am able to accept myself and am improving my quality of life for myself from a place of love and excitement rather than striving for self-perfection out of fear and desperation.

I believe that everything happens in divine timing, and am grateful that my hardships lead me to Maegan; she not only was able to help me tackle my binge eating, but helped me put a halt to my subconscious belief systems that started it and other harmful cycles/ behaviours. I will forever be grateful for the practical tools she has given me to use for the rest of my life, as well as her kindness, love, positivity, and encouragement throughout this whole experience.

Problems hold hands with problems, when you work on Anxiety, the side effect is many other areas of your life positively benefit and are impacted.

This program is packed of learning about YOU and unlearning everything that is fuelling anxiety, healing from past significant events (you might think oh it’s in the past, it doesn’t affect me…WRONG it is in your subconscious and suppressed, 100% affecting you.


This program is deep inner work, inner work that 99% of people won’t ever tap into. Reframing and healing what is fuelling anxiety, tools, insights, that you will have for your lifetime. If you have kids, these are things you will teach to your kids (or future kids).


This program WAKES YOU up. Most people are sleeping their way through life, on “auto-pilot”. Wake up the power of your mind and heart. That you get to choose who you want to be in this world.  

From more 6 Week Clients:

Pink Clouds


Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 1.24.58 PM.png

“Before the six weeks I was so in my head, so anxious, suffering a lot from anxious thoughts, and constantly stressed and worried. I was just such a mess, I didn't believe in myself at all, it wasn't a good mindset to be in. And then during the 6 weeks, you see such a huge transformation with yourself. She gives you such  important amazing tools that I'd never have gotten in my undergraduate degree in psychology, or in talk therapy, and before her I was seeing a therapist for a year and a half, she gives you really important tools that will help you elevate your mind to the next level that no other specialist or therapist has ever given me, and it's just so incredible to see the transformation from then and now. Now I really have embraced the unknown and like seeing what the universe will give me, and I'm looking to grow my own business, do a lot of things that I never thought I would have been able to do because of the inner work that we have done together and working on limiting beliefs, and on my own through the tools that you gave me. My confidence is definitely much much higher.



And with COVID, a lot of things have shifted but with her guidance, it really has helped me, stay in a calmer sense of mind and doing schoolwork, I was so much less stressed, I used to stress myself out to the point of I would have chronic pain, forget to eat or do a lot of things. But it's just that anxious mind and those limiting beliefs that are stuck in there and Maegan provides the tools to be present and relax, and I could enjoy my school time and not freak out and a lot of my chronic pain has subsided because of the inner work and getting rid of the anxiety.


It was the best investment I've ever made in myself, and I recommend her to everyone. If anyone is thinking about doing this, you will you will love it and please work with Maegan, I can't recommend her enough.


The outcome that you want isn't going to get by doing the results that doing, you're not going to get the results that you want by doing all the things that you have been doing.


I always look back and I'm like, wow, this was the best. That was like legitimately the best investment I've ever made.” 

Pink Clouds


  1. I just felt sad and unmotivated all the time and my head was just full with negative thoughts. My life just felt meaningless and and i was just wasting days doing nothing. I started feeling this way after highschool.

  2. In the past i would read self development books and try and fill my mind with the things I thought I believe to be true. But it never worked because deep down i had these limiting beliefs that Maegan helped me bring to light. 

  3. My experience with Maegan was amazing, it felt like talking to my best friend every week. I now know what to do if im feeling anxious and she has helped me bring to light all these limiting beliefs that i can now realise and tell myself that the reason im feeling this way is because of that and i know they are not true. She has truly helped me do a 360 on the way i think, my mind is full with positive things now and i know the potential i have. 

  4. After the program with Maegan i feel amazing, i am more motived, postive and accomplishing so much in my days. She has helped me to believe in myself and make me so excited for whats in store for my future!

  5. I am most looking forward to achieving my goals. Before Maegan I had my doubts but she has truly unlocked my full potential.

  6. I would say to take action asap, in the long run it is so worth it. And you should never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help... your life will be transformed.

  7. The most important thing for me was to come to an understanding why i was thinking and feeling the way i was. And also to realise the potential i had!

  8. I am way more confident and learning to love myself which has had  such a positive effect on my relationships. I now have a clear goal of what i want to achieve in my future and steps to get there. And my health is amazing, i get less headaches which used to be a big problem for me. 

More testimonials HERE


Imagine if your parents would have worked on different life would be.

Generational pain, trauma, and cycles stops with you. You were called to this program for a reason ...nothing happens by change.

When you heal and grow, your whole family heals.

It is my intention that this program sparks something within you that anxiety has been blocking, your true potential, experiencing ease and calm as your natural state, and may it just be the start of your self development journey. (Trust me it becomes a positive obsession). l want you have this program for life and repeat the exercises taught in the 4 training weeks (the RTT sessions do not need to be repeated) but I find most of my clients never stop listening to their recordings because they love them so much.. 

You get to keep the program. And re-do the exercises and techniques each time you uplevel and grow. This is a life long journey and process to uplevel and the things taught in this program grow with you as you grow.


Any time I add a new modue or bonus to the course, you get it for FREE. I am always learning and taking new courses and trainings, therefore always adding to what I teach and how I guide my clients. As a founding member of the program, you will get all the added goodies. (New modules, new weeks, new bonuses- this is just the beginning!)

I can promise you, life will never be the same. You are only one decision away from changing your life. Only you can decide that you will not wait any longer to take responsibility and charge of your healing and growth. THIE TIME IS NOW. I want you to get in on this program as a founding member.  



RTT Sessions & Hypnosis Recordings: standard rate 400USD /525 CAD . Two RTT sessions= $1025 

Weekly trainings: $222 per training x 4= $888

Relaxation Recording: $50

Q&A / email support : $555

BONUS course: 8 Video Manifesting 101 Training: $333

BONUS 2 yoga classes: $44 one for Anxiety and one for Manifesting!

Future bonuses/modules/updates to the program: thousands of dollars of value!

Best of all eliminating anxiety= PRICELESS

Total VALUE (if I have to put a price on something priceless): $3333

as a founding member your price will be a fraction.


YOU are your greatest project and investment in this lifetime.

I know it is weird, even scary, to invest in yourself because we are taught to spend our money more so on "stuff" and "things". I invested over $40k on myself the last 2 years and I would re-invest that AGAIN for all the healing, growth, self development, and how much my life has improved.  

I know what chronic anxiety feels like. I always just thought it would be a part of my life. Once I stumbled upon the world of hypnotherapy, mindset and inner work, the subconscious mind…I was truly mind blown that it took me 26 years till I learned about this!

I have since been obssessed with learning about anxiety and manifesting. The 2 are so interconnected and intertwined that I can’t speak about them separately no longer.

I am only taking 10 ladies at this price and first round. I wouldn't wait to jump on this.

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