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Rapid Transformational Therapist

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The #1 therapy to overcome Mental Health struggles

Stress less.

Start living.

Be your best.

Maegan Aleece

Rapid Transformational Therapist &

Expert Mindset Coach

MY PASSION is to teach you how powerful your mind is. How you can heal from anything. Yes anything. Past pain and childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, dis-ease, even physical aliments to name a few. Rapid Transformational Therapy is the vehicle to get you there in 6 weeks. No need for years of therapy!


My PASSION is to install unwavering, unshakeable confidence in YOU. In your skills, capabilities, and talent. Because when you believe in YOU, anything is possible. 

You see your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs lead your actions, and your actions create your reality. Want a new reality. You have to start with your thoughts. But how? You can't get out of your head can you. I am an EXPERT when it comes to mastering your mindset. Your mindset controls everything in your life. From relationships to career to being able to sleep!

I love working with people from all walks of life. I work with children, adults, athletes, leaders, and organizations. But only with people who crave healing, growth, and living to their fullest potential. Online sessions via zoom.


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Hamilton Workshop Attendee

Casual, yet informative. Maegan was such an inspiration during this workshop! Very well delivered and a clear motivator for everyone.

Rapid Transformational Therapy Client

I highly recommend Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions with Maegan as I have been able to live my life with control, confidence and anxiety free.
- Jenna Moffat

Personal Hypnosis Recording Client  

I’ve been doing my hypnosis recording u made for me and it is so cool!! I have been having such motivating thoughts!!! It really is changing the way I think! Thank you!

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Stress less. Learn how to relax again. Decrease pain, headaches, psychosomatic, and other auto-immune symptoms in 21 days or less.

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I will answer any and all questions and go through what a Rapid Transformational Therapy session would entail. 

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