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Rapid Transformational Therapist, & Manifestation Coach

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Rapid transformational Therapy a proven effective therapy to eliminate chronic & crippling ANXIETY.

Madison-a mother of 2 and wife

Shares her story how she went from crippling anxiety for YEARS, to now off of medication, no panic attacks, confident, starting her own business, and free from anxiety. In the video she shares how her life , her kids, and her husbands life has all changed from doing the inner work of the 6 Week Eliminate Anxiety program I guided her through.

Maegan Aleece

Rapid Transformational Therapist &

Expert Mindset Coach

I am not your typical therapist. Want untypical results? You found the right person to guide you.

I guide clients through a one on one 6 Week process to overcome chronic Anxiety, lack of confidence, and manifest the life of their dreams. Sounds too good to be true? Do untypical things, get untypical results! My testimonials and clients transformations speak for themselves. Click HERE to see for yourself :)

How can they transform so quickly in 6 weeks? I don’t only guide them through the healing process and uncover the root of anxiety to transform it from their mind and body but I teach them about their subconscious mind, how to strength their intuition, what and how to eliminate limiting beliefs, and how to manifest by aligning conscious desires with the subconscious mind✨. Science & spirituality merged together. 


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 Workshop Attendee

Casual, yet informative. Maegan was such an inspiration during this workshop! Very well delivered and a clear motivator for everyone.

Rapid Transformational Therapy Client

I highly recommend Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions with Maegan as I have been able to live my life with control, confidence and anxiety free.
- Jenna Moffat

Personal Hypnosis Recording Client  

I’ve been doing my hypnosis recording u made for me and it is so cool!! I have been having such motivating thoughts!!! It really is changing the way I think! Thank you!

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Start to program your mind and body to your future. Align your energy to the energy of your dreams and manifestations.

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I will answer any and all questions and go through what a Rapid Transformational Therapy session would entail. 

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